Shoreline Mafia releases “Bands” Music Video

Shoreline Mafia releases “Bands” Music Video

The closing track off Rob Vicious’s “Traplantic” album that contains all four Shoreline Mafia members now has an official visual. The banger known as “Bands” produced by Ace the Face is effortlessly portrayed thanks to Juddy (@juddyremixdem) & Top Gwap Films  (@topgwapfilms).

Beginning with some aerial shots that end up focusing on Ohgeesy as he sits on the hood of a Ferrari, he raps the chorus surrounded by bands. As it cuts to a few monumental scenes, the group & its affiliates are shown vibing to the track. As Rob & Fenix lay down their verses, Kato finishes it off in the pool with a flamethrower in hand. Watch the badass visual below!

The OTX tour is currently underway & Shoreline Mafia is also hitting some festivals soon. Be sure to purchase your tickets at

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