R. Baron Welcomes Az Chike & 1Take Jay

R. Baron Welcomes Az Chike & 1Take Jay

Los Angeles behind the scenes power duo, R. Baron, consisting of two experienced music businessmen Jeremiah “Picaso” Aubert and TK Kimbro are at it again. These two have already made a huge impact and changed the lives of many of today’s biggest stars coming out of LA. They’ve gotten behind many of the renowned artists out of the city, including but not limited to; Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, Drakeo The Ruler, Ron-Ron The Producer, and more. Now they’ve taken two more admirable artists under their wing, Az Chike and 1Take Jay. This is another step in the right direction for the up and coming artists. It’ll be interesting to see how the masterminds over at R. Baron change these two young talents careers for the better. Be on the lookout for even bigger things to come for the two excelling artists.




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