BlueFace Is The “Next Big Thing” And Here Is His New Video

BlueFace Is The “Next Big Thing” And Here Is His New Video

DSC07548.JPGThe inconceivable rise of Blueface continues. The Schoolyard Crip and former barber turned rapper is one of the hottest rappers in L.A. at the moment. He currently has over a million plays on his viral hit, “Dead Locs” and “Bussdown Thotiana” was seemingly required by state law to be played at least once at every L.A. pool party this summer.

Due to his signature squeaky voice, knack for catchy hooks, quirky lyrics, and unique flows, Blueface’s buzz continues to rapidly grow. If you follow him on Instagram you’ll notice him selling out shows in the L.A. area at least once a week, as well as pulling up to random high schools to throw impromptu concerts. Until more old heads catch up, his fan base currently consists of mostly teens who can recite every single lyric of his songs. While he may not be the most technically skilled rapper, his presence, bars and charisma continue to grow his stardom.

That’s the long way of saying, “He’s the next big thing bitch.” and here’s his new video.


He recently performed at our Don’t Come To L.A. event August 30th at The Resident in Downtown L.A. and turned it all the way up the fuck up. For more info on him, our friend Miguelito of PassionWeiss and occasional guest host of Rosecrans Radio wrote an incredible profile on him which you can read here.

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