Craigy F stops by the Avenue with a new 3-track EP titled “Toxicmania” that contains production from Black Mayo, Izak, & Cherry Bomb. Covering topics of temptation, the internal struggle of one’s demons, & the lifestyle he lives, he continues to be transparent through his art for himself & fans alike.
As he opens with “Not Ya Hero,” he makes things quite clear from the get-go that negative energy that attracts him doesn’t faze him, as he’s already the villain. Carrying the same theme as his past ‘Super Villain‘ project within “Stars,” he speaks of the lifestyle he lives that seems to be full of those who ‘clout chase.’ Although it’s a huge distraction, his focus remains to learn how to maneuver through this lifestyle he’s embracing. As he closes out with “How To Love” which contains a smooth melody, he continues to keep fans intrigued for more music as his lyrics intoxicate those who can relate heavily.
Listen to the project below!

Irene Guerrero

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