Arizona’s Most Wanted Pt. One

20Pounds – “Eye Of The Storm” (Prod. Nawlidge Nick)

When four talented emcees connect so fluently the musical outcome is almost always certain to be triumphant. If they also work with three select like-minded producers then that collective has an endless amount of potential. These four emcees are Jalopy Bungus, Ma$terMind, Pariah Pete, and Shrub Head each with their own distinctive flow. The three specialized producers consist of Nawlidge Nick, Sk8zen, and Crust. Together they are 20 Pounds, Phoenix’s proficient rap group skyrocketing their way to the top.

There aren’t many artists who can consistently articulate themselves through their bars, especially at a mindful level. That’s nowhere near the case with any member of 20 Pounds. Each one of them can hold their weight on the mic, there hasn’t been a single verse that didn’t impress. They each have a different but always impeccable flow to match each of their distinguished lyrical abilities. The words float over the nostalgic, boom-bap sounding beats. It’s a mixture reminiscent of the groups like Pro Era who also had this same stature and respect behind their music.

As of right now “20 (Side-A)” is the sole body of work the group has out currently, with the assumption that Side-B should be on its way. The project consists of 8 wholesome tracks each filled with vigilant bars and exceptional production. It is a perfect introductory project for the group and is a powerful sign of the quality work on the way.

KrownSound – “Hennigans” (Prod. Charley Brown)

KrownSound consists of three high caliber Phoenix emcees, Emmitt Dupree, DZE, and K Zone. Their go-to producer Charley Brown ties everything together with his exhilarating beats. Featured on this particular track is Emmitt and DZE establishing the KrownSound respectably. This was their first official collaboration as KrownSound and they are certainly about to be a serious force as one.

These artists already have been carrying themselves solo for some time now and coming together has already enhanced their talents. These are emcees that click as a unit and possess similar flows that differentiate just enough to execute a sound that suits them all. DZE brings his raspy and direct flow to the table that always consists of honest lyrics. Emmitt’s flow is a lot more complex as he executes potent wordplay and comprehensively destroys any beat that comes his way.

Don’t count out KrownSound the rest of 2018 and on, they’ve set in stone that they’re more than capable of making quality music. It’s only a matter of time before they begin to take over as their progression is in full effect.

Cafe Pico – “Cruisin”

Over the past few months Cafe Pico has solidified himself as one of the highly gifted artists coming out of Phoenix. He’s only released a few tracks in 2018 but each has enforced his skill. The mellow approach he takes makes every track look easy and natural to create. He’s capable of switching his flow up to accommodate for whatever beat scenario he comes across. The versatility of flows and lyrics that smoothly describe his every day life allow anybody to relate to the music.

“Cruisin” is a prime example of his versatile style while he takes control of the relaxing beat and makes it his own. The track is a freestyle only heightening the worth behind his bars making his talent undeniable. The Joey Freco directed visual is a perfect touch and portrays the track precisely how it sounds. Cafe Pico is no joke and definitely is an artist with a bright future ahead.


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