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Rosecrans Radio 065 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Kalan.frfr

Rosecrans Radio sat with incredibly talented singer/rapper Kalan.frfr for a supremely interesting interview. He speaks on being a high school and college football star meanwhile balancing music, What’s changed for him in 2018, his latest project TWO FR and much more.

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One comment on “Rosecrans Radio 065 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Kalan.frfr

  1. […] Kalan.Frfr has released a new music video for his track titled “Thug It Out” that seems to take place within Delta Ave. The opening track to his recent “TwoFr” EP release, he brings his joyous energy & talents to life within the visual as he counts his money, busts a move, & lives it up with the homies. Watch the visual below & be sure to tune in to our episode of Rosecrans Radio with him here. […]

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