EPICMUSTDIE – “Trust Fall”

EPICMUSTDIE – “Trust Fall”

Compton’s own EPICMUSTDIE (EMD) has released a project titled “Trust Fall” that has the capability to inspire listeners tenfold. As he uses his flow & perception of life to let others know that they’re not alone, it might be the one thing that may help others continue through life struggles to success. Looking within himself, EMD is the perfect example that greatness can be found just around the corner through hard work & faith; & with “Trust Fall” he tells pieces of that story within 12 tracks.


The emotions can be felt through EMD’s lyrics & are brought to life even more through the production by AntDawg & Dezzie Gee. Although every topic may not be completely relatable for most listeners, the message that comes across is easily grasped & can be applied to plenty of situations. In reality, it’s all about perspective & how one chooses to listen.

Beginning the project with the track “Pressin Lines“, EMD welcomes listeners with, “Hello Compton, hello world, hello boys, hello girls, hello haters/Ain’t no favors Ima rain hell ’till there’s hell on earth…” A slight darkness is noted within his tone & lyrics as he confronts enemies, or so it seems that way. Also interpreted as inner demons (from my point of view anyway), he’s conquering all that comes his way.

Continuing with the dark feel, “Say Less” contains a notable eerie tone that speaks of the come up. The ones that watch don’t believe anything until results are shown, which only pushes EMD for the better. Taking a bit of Tupac’s flow from the classic “Hail Mary” track within the chorus he recites, ‘…put your pride to the side when you ride or die da da da da..” One can’t help but be reminded of the track but snaps back to reality as EMD continues with his verses.

As we jump down a few tracks to “Crowns” we hear from artists KB Devaughn & HeyDeon as EMD speaks on life’s perceptions while praying for the better. Explaining that patience truly is key, EMD knows of his purpose. Borrowing from another classic, he puts his own twist on India Arie’s “I’m a Queen.” ‘He’s not the average guy on the radio’ & knows of the promise that comes with faith, for his possessions don’t determine who he is as a person. A life lesson that takes quite a while for most to learn, yet he shares openly with those listening.

Promise” changes tempo with a feel-good guitar that shows a bit of his confidence that he’s earned so far on his life journey. From the good & the bad, he’s learned to pay no mind to the negativity that may arise as he continues to work towards his goals. A promise to make it, ‘there ain’t no stoppin’ & he don’t give a f*ck who’s in his way.’

Although I didn’t cover every single track, take my word for it when I say the project is a great listen throughout. Although there are no ‘bangers’ as one might call them, EMD isn’t focused on riding any waves besides the one he’s creating for himself. With dope features from ScrewFaece, Desi Mo & the few already mentioned he continues to maneuver through life, & it seems the real message he wants listeners & new fans to grasp is, ‘nobody has your back. love yourself‘. Stream & share the project below!

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