Bossmann Releases “Fat Papi” Mixtape

Bossmann Releases “Fat Papi” Mixtape

Always having been fascinated by the artists seen in music videos & at award shows growing up, the stardom within took over & Bossmann knew he wanted to be a part of that scene. At the age of 13, he began rapping & created the group now known as Bass Squad in 2011. Although it doesn’t contain its original members nor was the intention to create an actual rap group, the members that came along seemed to always consist of creatives with the same interests in music.

After going by the name Jay Wood for some time, we are told after the loss of Sean Mackk the name of Bossmann came about & has stuck ever since. With his newfound name comes a debut project titled “Fat Papi” that has been long overdue.

The 10 track project was said to have been done in March of 2018 but didn’t have the correct feel. Bossmann says, “It was done, but Tuck & Holiday didn’t let me put it out. It didn’t have that ‘I’m the man‘ feel to it, so a lot of these tracks are new. Like, brand new.”


While attending the listening party this past week, the crowd in attendance seemed to be heavily familiar with the vibe that ‘Fat Papi’ held. With being a tight-knit group, the Bass Squad camp has been around heavily for much of the process & it shows within the production & features.

The 10 track project that was Mixed by Crook contains features by a few artists that are always on the Avenue & some that are sure to stop by soon. From Rucci & BassSquad Black to Jay Ward, Skeme, & KingRikoX, it holds much talent but doesn’t flood the project with too much for listeners to handle. Bossmann easily showcases the talent he posses as an artist & shines well alone.

The project also pays tribute in sound to the land that’s raised him, as he embraces the current & old-school sounds of the West Coast. Stating he wanted to take it back a bit with beats sounding similar to what he grew up on. He tapped in with producers Jossepi, DJ Tio, Nyne Six, AyooMeco, & K.Wrigs who have done well to bring that ‘Bossmann’ sound to life.

The opening track “Choosin” sets the tone for the project with a smooth feel that one can picture themselves cruising down the streets of Los Angeles too. As he speaks of being money smart to save for his Bentley truck, he also instills lessons he’s learned from people around him. His team comes first, & changing himself just ain’t it for him.

“Bling Bling” takes hip-hop heads back with a dope sample as Bossmann delivers a quicker flow with the same energy as he’s been ‘waiting his whole life to sh*t on y’all,‘ & his confidence is truly transparent. That confidence then bleeds into the next track that is titled “Bossmann.”

Over a solid beat, we’re brought through the next track titled “Big Money,” that pays tribute to the homie, Big Sonny. With clever lines, such as ‘I’m a fat n***a & you still gotta catch up,’ Bossmann shows listeners whether he’s solo or got features on the track there is no holding back & brings that same solid energy on “Do Better.”

As listeners move along through the project, we’re hit with a raw track titled “They Know Me” where he shouts out the ever-growing popular Yatta, along with the city of Inglewood. Making it clear that only haters will front when it comes to the Bossmann, having been paving a way for himself & his crew. Although he’s not phased by it, he’s sure to be respected when need be.

As the mixtape comes to a close, we’re hit with a feature from BassSquad Black fits the sound of the duo perfectly As they deliver sly bars over an old-school vibe, their energy-infused gives the listener a bad-ass feel as well.

As the discussion of ‘Fat Papi’ comes to a close, I encourage music fans to check it out below. It’s lyrics aren’t filled with the lifestyle of a rapper, but with the comeup of an artist that is building a strong team. Although the focus on this project is Bossmann, the thought of acheieving goals as a team isn’t forgotten. As the team ‘get way too rich for drama,’ the Bass Squad founder has a lot on his shoulders, yet was still able to deliver a solid debut project as Bossmann. Stream & share ‘Fat Papi’ below!

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