Will Claye Releases “Karmony” EP

Will Claye Releases “Karmony” EP
Will Claye has released a 2 track EP titled “Karmony” that contains 2 tracks ‘Celebrate Life‘ & ‘Father‘ also accompanied by music videos. Olympic medalist & clothing designer turned hip-hop artist, Claye has already proved himself from being featured on YG’s track “IDGAF,” & now delivers some great tracks of his own that is just a small insight into what he’ll be showcasing for the rest of the year.

The first track ‘Father’ is produced by 21 opens with a child speaking the word of God, as the beat comes in so does the voice of Claye. As he brings listeners along for the story of his life growing up, he speaks of never losing hope because of the Father he praises above. ‘Celebrate Life’ begins with the happiest of tones that will make the listener want to groove. Claye’s voice is blissful alongside the danceable beat & can be played at any function. Listen to the EP below!

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