IAMSU! Releases “06 Solara” Mixtape

IAMSU! Releases “06 Solara” Mixtape

IAMSU! has released his mixtape “06 Solara” this past week that contains 12 tracks, including “Pop up Video,” “Young Boy,” & “Post Up,” which fans should already be familiar with if they’ve been stopping by the Avenue. The Bay Area rapper begins his mixtape with a dope piano instrumental with the sound of pouring rain that slowly fades, setting the tone for the project that feels poetic as his energy grows listening through each track.

Hitting fans with dope bass, blissful transitions, & the perfect amount of funk IAMSU! also grabbed a handful of artists for features. From Drakeo the Ruler, Goldie, Skipper Show Banga, Nef the Pharaoh, Lil Boovie, & Doc Dolla, there’s something for everyone on this project & can surely be played fluidly with no skips. Stream the project below & be sure to keep an eye out for the shows & festivals he’ll be hitting soon!

Irene Guerrero

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