Rossi Rock releases “The Main Chambelan” Album

Rossi Rock releases “The Main Chambelan” Album

Rossi Rock is a San Diego native that has stopped by the Avenue quite a few times, from music video releases to stopping by Rosecrans Radio; it’s always been apparent that he’s serious about his craft & what he gives to the world. His album “The Main Chambelan” is no different, although a bit short it’s packed full of great melodies, clever lines, & unique beats that the Private Club Member had been promising to deliver.

The project opens with a hilarious skit that might bring back memories of one picking up their sweet lady from home for the first time, we all just hope it went a bit smoother for most. With such creativity, Rock sets the tone for the album & stating, “I added the skit with Saviorself two days before it dropped. We had so much fun making it.”

Beginning with ‘Tecate Jacket’ that takes a slight turn away from comedy for the listener, with a calm collective vibe Rock raps ‘But it don’t matter how it looks, it matters how it feels/ A lot of ones that came up fake, I thought that they were real/ See how you trying to sell me dreams that you could never build..‘ A unique lesson to start a project with but it wasn’t meant to come across in that way.

Rock says, “It wasn’t really about giving a lesson, [it’s] more about starting off the project with a song that people can just relate to. It’s not the most energetic song, but I still felt like there was good energy there. One of my homies called me and was like, ‘Dawg I wanna cry when I hear that song.’ I told him it was funeral music. [laughs]”

As listeners move on they come across “Hoochie Love,” that also happens to hold the only feature from another San Diego native artist Eddie Zuko. With a smooth-funk feel, Zuko’s voice sounds solid next to Rock’s as they reply back-and-forth throughout the track. Although he wasn’t the only artist to come to mind regarding a feature, Rock was more than happy to have the likes of Zuko on his project.

“Eddie [is] my boy! I knew I wanted him on the project off top, he’s one of the most talented and creative artists I’ve worked with and besides all the music we’re homies. We always talk about doing an EP together sometime in the future.”

A serious tone is brought upon listeners once again but with intention through track “Wide Awake” that contains a different vibe from the whole project. A personal favorite, one can hear the hunger for success within Rock’s voice, along with the temptations that seem to come to light. We asked Rock to elaborate on the track a bit.

“I wanna say this song is about beautiful distractions. When you think of the word distraction people automatically think of something negative. That’s not how I wanted it to feel. [It’s more of] I need sleep and rest but I can’t because I’m constantly thinking about this and that, so that’s what the rain represents. It’s more of a lesson type record.”
As we come to a close on the album we’re hit with tracks “Drip Drop” (which fans should already be familiar with), “Fat Kids” & “Selena Over Jenny, Tequila Over Henny.” Not to cause any confusion, as Rock had mentioned via social media that he was speaking on Jenny from the block.

Although the project is a short 7 tracks (if one counts the skit) Rock says that’s how he had initially planned it to be when he began working on ‘The Main Chambelan’ back in December. Hoping that fans make memories of the project for the summer of 2018, Rock has effortlessly created a solid project that carries listeners through a multitude of relatable topics.
“I want[ed] to give fans a breath of fresh air with [the] record. The industry is so saturated with the same sounds right now. Effortless music that other artist mimic and still get praised for. I’m not mad about cuz it is what it is, but my goal is to always deliver the most original product I can. If you relate, cool if you don’t, cool but at the end of the day, my goal will always to give you 100% of myself as I can.”
Through ‘The Main Chambelan,’ Rossi Rock not only has left a piece of himself onto the record for the fans, but he’s also doing well to represent the city he’s from with a definitive sound that is known as Rossi himself. Listen to his project below & be sure to let him know which track you like the most!

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