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Rosecrans Radio 062 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Rob Markman

Legendary journalist turned rapper Rob Markman hopped right off a plane and arrived at Dash Studios in Hollywood for an interview with Rosecrans Radio. We spoke to Rob about his debut project “Write To Dream”, his career as a journalist, what it was like growing up in Brooklyn, his transition into rapping, and much more.

Rob Markman “Hit My Line” Featuring Craigy F
Kalan.frfr “Star”
Holland Izz “ALL THAT” Featuring 3Trinzzz
Rob Markman “Next Check” Featuring Style P
Pusha-T “If You Know You Know”
Rob Vicious “How I Rocc”
Craigy F “Wya Today”
Kalan.frfr “Lil Bit”

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