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LNDN DRGS – “Tomorrow” Feat. Freddie Gibbs

LNDN DRGS has released a new track titled “Tomorrow” that features artist Freddie Gibbs, that contains a brilliant old-school sound. As the track begins listeners may envision the good ‘ol days of cruising down the boulevard of sunny Los Angeles. The track takes on the theme of hustling & enjoying the perks of stacking up that paper. With a dope chorus & amazing verses, the track couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Listen below!

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One comment on “LNDN DRGS – “Tomorrow” Feat. Freddie Gibbs

  1. […] LNDN DRGS has released yet another new track titled “Feel Alright” that will make listeners feel just that. As the duo that makes up Jay Worthy & Sean House prepare to re-release their ‘Aktive’ album on July 27th with 9 unreleased songs in honor of A$AP Yams, it’s sure to be a classic that will easily take over the summer. Be sure to stream the chill track below as well as ‘Tomorrow’ here. […]

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