Dezzie Gee – “Drunk” Feat. KB Devaughn Music Video

Dezzie Gee – “Drunk” Feat. KB Devaughn Music Video

Dezzie Gee has just released his music video for track titled “Drunk” that features his homie KB Devaughn. The self-produced track contains a fun summer-time feel that we’ve been seeing from Gee as of late, & the video does well to bring that energy to life. Viewers are given a laugh as he opens with, ‘You ever just been drunk on autotune & you just be like.. uuuuh.’

Cutting to a scene of Gee on the ground from the shenanigains of the night before, Gee successfully portrays his humor & fun-loving personality from the track to the visual.  Devaughn bring his unique voice in for a dope verse that fits well as both artsist & friends are shown enjoying themselves. Watch the dope visual below!

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