03 Greedo “Fortnite” Video Dir. @LakaFilms

03 Greedo “Fortnite” Video Dir. @LakaFilms

IT SEEMS LIKE JUST LAST WEEK WE WAS MENTIONED IN THE FORBES BITCH. But in reality that was over 3 months ago. I was ecstatic when I pressed play on 03 Greedo’s “Fortnite” track (produced by Taz Taylor) and realized he was referencing a Forbes article written by Myles Andrews-Duve that I was also mentioned in. You know when people say “when (insert popular rapper name) said “(insert relatable lyric)” I felt that. Well I had never felt that exact way until that exact moment. Admittedly, I’ve never played Fortnite, so the video is probably looks like the video game, but I’m not sure. I wish this song would’ve been titled Forbes, because Forbes is way cooler than Fortnite to me as a rap nerd. Then, instead of Greedo walking around picking up automatic weapons and having trippy effects the video would’ve probably him reading lots of literature, and maybe I would’ve been asked to be in it.

Nevertheless, dope video and most importantly FREE GREEDO!

Watch below.

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