Rob Vicious of Shoreline Mafia Presents: “Traplantic” Documentary

Rob Vicious of Shoreline Mafia Presents: “Traplantic” Documentary

With the recent release of Rob Vicious‘s solo project, “Traplantic” comes a documentary on the artist & project because history must be documented. With Shoreline Mafia taking LA by storm with their new wave, Vicious had an idea & was able to successfully bring it to life.

As he speaks of where he grew up & the ‘traps’ that he was surrounded by, he gets very personal giving fans a perspective on who Rob Vicious truly is. It isn’t all women, studios, & shows although it is a part of his life now more than ever, the Mafia member is learning his routes through the industry every day. Expressing how good it feels to make legit money, his life has changed but he’s still the same Rob Vicious in many ways. Watch the documentary below & be sure to purchase your Traplantic Tour tickets on sale this Friday July 27th, at

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