2Eleven Releases “Members Only” Album

2Eleven Releases “Members Only” Album

2Eleven has released his “Members Only” album that contains 10 solid tracks that do well to represent the West Coast, as well as its talents that are shining brightly within. While featuring his released singles, “Tricky (Rucci & Sean Mackk),” “Saved (AD),” & “Leave Me Alone (Free Ackrite),” 2Eleven was simply preparing fans for what was to come.

Tapping in with LA’s hottest producers Cypress Moreno, Saltreze, Smoove, Dupri, Sean, Nyne Six, KB, & Paupa, the album moves swiftly in sound throughout. With beats on opening tracks “Money” & “Ride for Free” that instill West Coast pride, to bringing a smooth funk on “In My Mind” with the perfect Jay Worthy feature. Artists Slim 400, Earl Swavey, T.F, & Fig Newton, appear on the project as well with great chemistry alongside 2Eleven. As he reminds listeners of the streets that have made him, & the hustle that helps him thrive; it’s all laid out within his lyrics & energy. Listen to the “Members Only” below!

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