Ari Lennox – “Whipped Cream” Prod. by Elite

Ari Lennox – “Whipped Cream” Prod. by Elite

If you haven’t heard of Ari Lennox, I strongly encourage you to get familiar! The singer released her debut EP “Pho” under Dreamville Records in October of 2016, & has been bringing her R&B flavor to the label ever since. Within the past two years, the singer has toured with Jeremih, Big Baby DRAM, & J. Cole, while also performing at countless festivals. Her track “Night Drive” grabbed a placement within the movie “Everything, Everything,” & can most recently be heard on Earthgang’s “Nothin But the Best” & Omen’s “Phone Home.”

Aside from lending her voice to her label brothers, Ari has been in the lab for quite some months now preparing fans for a new album. Teasing snippets from time to time on her Instagram live, she now brings us her latest single “Whipped Cream” produced by Elite. A soulful track that pulls at the heartstrings of listeners as they unwillingly reminisce of the one love that impacted them so. Listen to the track below!


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