Trizz Releases “The Attic” (Side A)

Trizz Releases “The Attic” (Side A)

It’s Friday the 13th & Trizz‘s long-awaited “The Attic” has arrived. With features from Traffic, Bobby B, T.F, Cal-E-Clipz, Radio Base, & Twisted Insane, the album contains a slight darkness throughout with the perfect amount of a West Coast feel.

The 10 track album contains production from OSYM, Banana Beats, Cio, Artillery, & Pomona Drey. Taking listeners through different scenarios ‘from Los Angeles back down to the Inland,’ Trizz’s unique artistry & talent are felt via his beat choice & flow. As said in his Rosecrans Radio interview, this is only the Side A continuation from “Ashes N Dust” that is to follow up with Side B titled “The Basement.” Stream “The Attic” below & be sure to let us know which tracks are your favorite!

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