SeanMackk Forever Show & Release of “Roll Dawg” Track

SeanMackk Forever Show & Release of “Roll Dawg” Track

On the anniversary of losing the beloved Sean Mackk, a song was released titled “Roll Dawg” that featured artists Rucci, Bossmann, & KingxRiko. Said by Bossmann to be made on the late artists birthday, & with production from JayceeBeats the track begins with a somber tone over a piano melody as the listener hears the voice of Rucci, “Sean Mackk forever…” Bringing a bittersweet feeling of nostalgia as each artist remembers their ‘roll dawg.’ It’s a track that pulls on the heartstrings of those who have experienced loss, along with the fans who relate to missing the late Sean Mackk.

It’s been a little over a year, but the impact Sean Mackk has left still stands strong. If one couldn’t already tell from the shoutouts within multiple tracks, to the MackkMonday posts & barbeque gatherings that are continuously held; it was truly shown & felt wholeheartedly Sunday night (July 8th) at the “Sean Mackk Forever Show” that was put on by Bass Squad in Downtown Los Angeles.

Flyers were posted via social media about the event; Cypress Moreno & DJ Tio providing sounds, with performances by Rucci, Skeme, 2Eleven, Free Ackrite, Bossmann, & (BassSquad) Blackk.


When I arrived the crowd stood outside waiting in the slightly cool night air, as the show hadn’t started yet. A majority of fans wore their own versions of Sean Mackk tees; from classic airbrushed lettering to Norf Clothing’s special edition (what I like to call) Sean-Halo tees. The vibe that could be felt was bittersweet; a celebration for their loved one, yet hurt that he’s gone. An understandable feeling that can’t be put into words, nor can be healed with them.

As the show began, each artist made the stage their own vibing well with the crowd, especially when the artist took the time to rap along to a Sean Mackk track. Whether it was one of his own, a track he was featured on, or one that was written for him; the crowd rapped along to every word not missing a beat. Energy multiplying tenfold as the cardboard cutout placed side-stage looked on, Blackk performed “Forever on my Bullshit,” while 2Eleven performed “Tricky” bringing out Rucci.

Skeme (Photo by @Yattaken2.0)

By the end of the night, the cutout of Sean Mackk had been photographed, carried, & held all across the stage. As Rucci prepared to close out the show the energy was a bit nerve-wracking. Knowing how much Mackk meant to him, I was truly unsure of how strong he would be as the night came to an end.

Proving me wrong, he approached the stage with a smile on his face that quickly turned to frustrated concern. He took no hesitation to call out everyone who stood outside the venue as well as the ones who were seen sitting asking with such a tone, “What the f*ck y’all doing outside?” Afterall, everyone was there in support for one important reason & needed to act like it.

Rucci Photo by @Yattaken2.0

From the outside looking in the room was full of the indefinite emotions of love & heartache. Sean Mackk is undoubtedly missed beyond words, yet those who care about him know he’ll truly never be gone. Forever living through the memories with him, his & their own music, along with word of mouth as his story continues to be told; ‘Sean Mackk forever’ is more than just a statement. It’s how his loved ones & fans push through each day, making their guardian angel forever proud.

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