Darren James Chops It Up About New Video for “Don’t Talk”

Darren James Chops It Up About New Video for “Don’t Talk”

Emerging rapper from Pacoima, CA Darren James recently released a video for his summer banger “Don’t Talk” with labelmate Perignon Don. The fast-paced trap track comes through in the video directed by Insomnia Music Group filled with dramatic transitions and dope graphics. Perfectly complementing the high energy song with a catchy hook “ain’t talkin’ money don’t talk.” We were able to chop it up with Darren about the video and his journey as a rapper who previously toured with The Game.

Hey Darren, how you doing, can you introduce yourself to the people?

Whats happenin’ what’s happenin’ Darren James live and direct straight up from Pacoima California you niggas already know man.

We’re here to talk about the new video you just dropped for “Don’t Talk,” what’s the video lookin’ like?


The video is crazy man, my boy at IMG shot it. It’s actually a collab track with Perignon Don one of my label mates, my dog from the playground and we just really out here trying to get it on some street shit. But yeah my boy did his thing, real guerilla shoot, quick three hours. The vibe was there so the shit came out live.

That’s right, so tell me how you first got into music?


I just always been into music really, I just started taking it seriously a little later in life.

When did you decide to take it seriously?

Honestly, I thought I was going to go to the NBA but that didn’t happen. Not cause I wasn’t good enough, but I felt that I just wanted to be remembered. I got rap, I like it, it was just a question to me ‘do I really love this shit to really go hard enough to make it. Cause no matter what you still gotta work.

And you went on tour with The Game, how was that?

It was a priceless experience, cause I’m a hood nigga and I’ve been to a couple of places like Vegas and Houston, but that was probably it. So for me, going to those two places out of 20 some years then within a month and a half going to 30 different states performing. Staying in Miami, New York. The shit makes you bougie in a way and it make you like fiend for it. I mean I’m like a rolling stone I slept on a lot of niggas couches so being in a different hotel every night ain’t nothin to me. The worst part about tour is literally having to pack up your shit every day.

That’s crazy, how did you end up going on tour?

I’ve been working on my music doing my solo thing. One day my dog called me and was like “Hey Wack hit me, he said he fuckin with me and said who I wanna be in a group with and somehow your name came up and we decided if you wanna go we could go.” So I dreamt of shit like this you know, Wack’s Games manager and I felt like the stars were aligning but at the same time I’m really out here. Just cause I was doing my own thing, I don’t really be worrying about nobody, I stick to myself and the homie fucked with that.

Tell me about the single, what’s “Don’t Talk” about?

I wanted to make something with a cool hook, something that still has some attitude to it. It smack, still got good lyrical content, the hook flow and it’s just mean.

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