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AzBenzz Releases “Impeccable” EP

With the year halfway done, fans of the AzCult are able to say they’ve received projects from each member since AzBenzz has released his latest “Impeccable” EP. With 8 tracks that feature his Cult brothers along with production from FlashyUno & LowTheGreat.

If you’re new to AzBenzz (then that means you haven’t been checking into the Avenue), don’t expect to hear all his bars delivered in rap form. Benzz is the standout artist out of AzCult because he is the singer of the group, but don’t let that small fact turn you away from his EP. Although he does sing within his tracks, he’s sick with it when it comes to topics of love, lust, the streets & portraying it all from his perspective. As heard from his singles “Coolin’” & “Ohh Shit,” he’s able to contain a great vibe through his tracks. Listen to the dope project below & be sure to share your favorite tracks!

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One comment on “AzBenzz Releases “Impeccable” EP

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