AzSwaye x JoogFTR Release Collab Album “SwayeFTR”

AzSwaye x JoogFTR Release Collab Album “SwayeFTR”

It’s been about a week since “SwayeFTR” was released & although it may seem like we’re late to be introducing the project, we really just wanted to digest the whole collab fully.

AzCult member AzSwaye is known for his clever bars & dope energy that can be felt throughout any track he touches. JoogFTR has quite the resume & has had a hand in most of your favorite tracks from Shoreline Mafia, The Stinc Team & more. So to have these two creatives come together for a masterful collab album is extremely exciting. Starstudded with LA’s finest from Desto Dubb, Aston Matthews, Fenix Flexin (Shoreline Mafia), Ralfy the Plug (The Stinc Team), & AzCult members AzChike & AzBenzz.

The opening track titled “Gimmicks” begins with the famous “Joog” tag while crediting producer AxSoul as well. Swaye brings his confident energy speaking of the lane that he’s created within the industry while stating, “If I ain’t rappin’ then I’m probably somewhere fishing for a hoe.” If he’s played he bounces back like nothing, simply calling it all a ‘gimmick.’

The first feature is from the juice man himself Desto Dubb on “Dead Homies,” where Swaye takes the listeners through some realization about the way people portray themselves in these streets. “Her boyfriend ain’t the plug, he the middleman,” he states calling out all the ‘nerds’ as Dubb shouts out his homies in the system. Containing a bit of a slowed down instrumental that allows Swaye & Dubb to come together for a fluid collab.

Skipping down a few tracks to the first single off the tape “Ride Ain’t Free” (you can watch the video below), the track is pretty straightforward as Swaye’s bars contain a lot of sting for the ones he calls ‘nerds.’ “No grapes on my face, but where I been you never been..” he raps speaking of how the life he lives allows him to stand out from the rest. Joog adds a clever piano melody that creates a slightly eerie tone that instills strong confidence in all who listen.

Adding a bit more bass & a unique pitch, we slide into the next track titled “Where I’m Raised.” Swaye leaves it all on the track tapping into the past with his trust issues from old homies, riding with weapons, & letting those on the outside looking in know that where he’s raised has made him into the man he is today.

Jumping down to the closing track that features fellow member AzBenzz, “For the Record” contains a serene tempo with light claps. Swaye continues with his sly bars, that are balanced with the voice of Benzz on the chorus. Giving off the perfect vibe to close out the album.

Overall the album is an excellent listen, especially if one is intuned with the current LA rap scene. There are no words clever enough to describe the work on these brilliant melodies produced by Joog, a true showcase of his talent if it wasn’t already apparent to listeners before. Swaye brings fourth his riveting lyrics that are truly entertaining whether he tells a story or is calling out to those who watch with envy, his music is looked upon by others & the reasons are shown within these tracks.
Be sure to listen for yourself via SoundCloud below & stay tuned for when “SwayeFTR” hits your favorite streaming service.

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