Kyrie Talks Her New Track “Hey Big Head”

Kyrie Talks Her New Track “Hey Big Head”

Coming out of Baltimore, Kyrie took her childhood game of spitting rhymes with her dad and transformed it into her life. Bearing a classic lyrical flow with a modern r&b twist. Kind of as if Kehlani had bars like Cardi, easy to listen to with complex lyrics. The development of her artistry evolves from her experience creating music and EP’s well before the age of 13. If you listen to her freestyles, her delivery is effortless and on point. Now that Kyrie has focused on her sound and style she is ready to take her musical career to the next level. We were able to talk about how her journey has been and what her new track “Hey Big Head” is about.

You just dropped your single “Hey Big Head” is that coming off an upcoming project?

Yes, I don’t have a name for it but I want to release everything like a single and get the content up and spend my time putting promotion behind it because that’s what I didn’t do before. Now it’s just taking my time with it and letting people digest it.

How did you start getting into music?

When I was seven, I was walking to the store with my dad. This was in Baltimore, I’m from Baltimore. We were walking to the store and we were just freestyling and I always liked music but he would just test me and we would go back and forth. I guess he heard potential and he wrote my first rap. At nine is when I started getting into writing then I just started writing from there and just kept going.

I saw you have an EP on Apple Music, do you write all your music now?

Yeah, I write all my stuff. That EP I felt was rushed so for me I thought ‘I know I could be better.’ So this song [“Hey Big Head”] is the first song that’s more of my style, I feel like I found my style and want to just keep going with that.

That’s dope, do you ever find any challenges working your way up as a female rapper?

Kind of, only because I’ve had instances where people were trying to holler at me and I have to say that’s not for me. I would have conversations with people where they would say “girls don’t really want to listen to you cause you’re lyrical” or “guys didn’t want to listen, they just wanted to look at me.” So it’s trying to find that middle ground and staying to true to yourself, it can be a little difficult in that way.

Was there a specific moment that made you understand that music is what you wanted to pursue?

I was at the BET awards and I was trying to sneak on to the red carpet because I had my camera on me. I wasn’t able to get in but I met people there and they got me into the seat filler sections. I get in and when I left we were waiting around until this guy comes up. We end up talking about how I’m a rapper and he asks me to spit something right now. I did it and he asked, “you got the skills, the question is can you make songs?” He said he worked for RCA and was an A&R trying to find new talent. I told him “I’ll have some songs for you in three days” and I didn’t have shit. So I made the songs and he tried to sign me but that’s when the bull came in and long story short I didn’t sign. But that was the moment when I recorded “Curry” and thought “this is what I need to be doing, why do I keep fighting this?”


That’s dope, what would you say the song is about?

The song is about people coming back around when they see you doing well. It could be a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

What inspired you to write it?

The first verse I remember writing that about one of my exes. When I say “old niggas act new when it comes to my ways,” that wasn’t even about exes that about guys who would curve me when my hair was super short, then as soon as my hair grew or when I got my braids they were coming back out the woodwork it was crazy. Or when I was doing well with my music people who I haven’t spoken to in forever started to hit me up again. Instances like that inspired the song.


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