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Rucci Taps Into His Roots With New “El Salvador” Track Prod. by NyneSix (W/ Translated Lyrics)

Rucci fans had learned from our first interview with the Dawg back in December of 2017 that he had Salvadorian roots & it continued to show within his latest mixtape “El Perro,” along with other meanings that were important to him. Now he taps in a bit more with his bilingual fans with his latest track “El Salvador” produced by NyneSix.

Although only a minute long the track is banger & is sure to do well among his loyal fanbase while also organically touching a new market, after all, it’s a part of who he is. Within the track, he proudly states that he’s from El Salvador but isn’t associated with the gangs out there. With a humble brag & slight note of his fathers’ deportation, it’s another Rucci banger to have on rotation. Listen to the track below along with the lyrics & translation*.

*Please note that the lyrics were translated based on context & have yet to be confirmed by Rucci or members of his team.

Aye el perro, They call me RuccDawg baby
(Aye the dog)
Fiesta, fiesta, arriba
(Party, party, up)
Just me & my señorita
(Just me & my lady)
That ain’t my bitch, that’s just mi amiga
(That ain’t my bitch, that’s just my friend)
Mi amigo fresh out the mothafuckin pinta
(My friend fresh out the mothafuckin prison)
El perro necesito mi dinero
(The dog, I need my money)
Call on my connect & tell him cuanto esos pesos
(Call on my connect & tell him to count up that money)
Bitch, I’m real hot but you know that my neck froze
Fake love? no quiero, no quiero
(Fake love? Don’t want it, Don’t want it)
I’m posted with a cuete
(I’m posted with a gun)
Right here in the sete
(Right here in the set)
I’m from El Salvador, but I ain’t no trece
(I’m from El Salvador, but I ain’t no 13)
Ruccdawg, big dawg, orale ese
(Ruccdawg, big dawg, hell yeah homie)
My daddy got deported to El Salvador,
I’m trying to take a trip to El Salvador
I’m tryna send a bitch in El Salvaor
I’m trying to get rich in El Salvador, El Salvador
Hahaha, okay now call on my connect & tell him cuanto esos pesos
(Hahaha, okay now call up my connect & tell him to count up that money)
El Salvador, aye, aye, aye, aye
They call me Ruccdawg baby

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