1TakeJay – “Talkin Shit” EP

1TakeJay – “Talkin Shit” EP

Fresh off our DON’T COME TO LA Vol. 2 stage, 1TakeJay releases a mini EP titled “Talkin Shit” where he’s (you guessed it), talking sh*t in the most enojoyable way 1TakeJay can. Over clever beats & an overly confident tone Jay takes listeners through 3 tracks that are perfect for the summer shenangiains that are yet to come.

With many quotable lines & a few that we’re sure many might be able to relate to, Jay speaks his mind knowing his worth from music to women. In track “Can’t F*ck With You” he makes it clear he won’t be allowing any funny business around him. On “Valet” he delivers sly bragging bars, & closes the EP with freestyle track “Give AF.” Listen to the EP below!

Irene Guerrero

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