KB Devaughn releases a “Rough Draft”

KB Devaughn releases a “Rough Draft”

It’s the Westside Dog in the mother f*ckin house & he’s stopping by the Avenue with his 4 track “Rough Draft” complialtion tape. After a long week of trying to recover his hard drive, he decided to release these unmastered tracks via SoundCloud until further notice. (Don’t worry, he’s gotten a new one & this time it’s backed up. I asked.) Graded with an A- the tape contains production from Antdawg & two features from Epic Must Die (EMD).

KB isn’t one to paint a facade of what the life of an artist has been like for him. Being as real as they come, he carries that trait into his music completely being himself. Touching on that topic within the track “Famous,” he doesn’t want it if it means he has to change. “All Right” is a personal favorite, containing a catchy melody as he discusses the hurtful truth of love & lies, with a sweet verse from EMD, the track takes a twist & ends on a high note. “Racks” carries a soothing tone throughout with an island-like feel, ending with track “Speechless” bringing listeners more hard-hitting reality.

Overall, the tape deserves it’s A-. I say minus simply because as a fan of KB I wish he would’ve backed up that first hard drive. One can only imagine how many gems were lost, but things happen for a reason & we should all be grateful for this “Rough Draft.” Be sure to listen for yourself below & if you haven’t already check out our dope conversation with him on Rosecrans Radio here.

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