Sham1016 – “VRTGO” Album Prod. by Correy G

Sham1016 – “VRTGO” Album Prod. by Correy G

An artist out of South Central by the name of Sham1016 stops by the Avenue today with his full-length project titled, “VRTGO.” The project contains 12 tracks where he uses what sounds like live instrumentation & calm beats to guide listeners through his lyrics. Loaded with personal story & emotion, he leaves pieces of himself on the track completely vulnerable.

Carrying a different tone than what music fans are used to hearing out of LA at the moment, his calmness adds a smooth listen that is refreshing. A smooth summer-like West Coast feel that contains features from some familiar names such as Airplane James, Ill Camille, Donte Thomas, Ray Wright, Miles Blaq, & Graze; the project is highly- recommended.

With being out for some time (Yes, I know I’m late), visuals for certain tracks have been released. “November” directed by Topshelf Jr., along with “Pressure” & “Hoodrat” directed by Sovereign Genesis.

Be sure to stream the project below & learn a bit about Sham1016 by watching his short documentary below.

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