1TakeJay – “Wait Hol Up” Mixtape

1TakeJay – “Wait Hol Up” Mixtape

1TakeJay is giving the streets bangers for the summer with the release of his “Wait Hol Up” mixtape one day early, & fans couldn’t be more thankful for his impatience. Being known for his hyped beats, clever wordplay,  & great energy, these 15 tracks are sure to be a breeze to listen through.

Crediting various producers throughout such as Bruce24k, S.Prod., TeezyMadeeIt, Saltreze, BigLankOnTheTrack, WestCoastAce, Aston Martin, MjTheHitta, ScratchGoCrazy, WavyTre, Jay P Bangz, YikeMike, & JayThuggy. There’s plenty of names that have been heard here on the Avenue before, but music lovers should take the time to get acquainted with the new ones as well. Afterall, they are responsible for adding their touch to a lot of these bangers.

1TakeJay wasn’t afraid to tackle this project with the homies, allowing let members of his team shine by featuring them on a few tracks. 1TakeTeezy & 1TakeQuan show fans what a team is all about, while AzChike, Johnny Rose, Kalan FrFr, & King TU showcase skills of their own.

As we get into the music, the streets won’t be able to get enough this mixtape. Clever lines & delivery mixed with hyped beats, each track is entertaining making the phrase, ‘I’m finna turn this b*tch up’ an understatement.

With a shoutout to Drakeo the Ruler in his first track, 1TakeJay makes statements with such confidence, his rhymes make listeners say, ‘Oh, damn!’ as if he’s attacking oneself. He’s out for everybody & isn’t afraid to hurt feelings, ‘he’ll tell a b*tch to take care, he is not Drake.’ Covering various topics with a West Coast feel as cliche as this may sound, it’s a perfect mixtape to turn up to. We look forward to how turnt these music video shoots will turn out as they come about. Listen to the mixtape below!

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