Rucci – “El Perro” Mixtape Review & Listening Session

Rucci – “El Perro” Mixtape Review & Listening Session

Rucci has been stopping by the Avenue since 2016, whether it be solo or on a feature his talents have always been recognized here at Rosecrans. With his first project to be released in 2018, it was only right that we’d be there for support. On May 2nd Rucci was told he was going to have a studio session, nothing out of the ordinary for him & his crew on a typical Wednesday night… right?

The love Rucci’s team has for him has always been apparent. Arriving at the address I was given I found Bass Squad member Liv sitting in her car that was packed full of balloons.

“It’s a surprise! He has no idea people are coming after 11pm for his birthday,” she said as we carried sed balloons, snacks & drinks up the steps to Red Room Studios. The proper preparation was being taken for this mixtape, so why would his birthday celebration be any different?


Red Room Studios is where all the magic happens for Bass Squad & all who are associated with them, long nights that have turned into morning sessions have taken place within these red plaque filled walls. Every sleepless night is made up for with celebrations, such as this one. The soundboard sits front & center of the studio recognizable from the Instagram lives that Rucci has often as fans watch hoping to catch a snippet of an unreleased track or two.

The fuss of making sure Rucci didn’t ruin his own surprise was over as Bass Squad members walked him into a balloon filled room. Bottles of champagne & candy adding the perfect touch, Rucci was extremely grateful for the gesture as he took a seat in front of the board. No sense of nervousness was felt from him as he searched YouTube for Sean Mackk videos. No better soundtrack to have played on a special night as this one. As everyone settled in, the videos were paused for the moment as Rucci addressed the room full of people.


“”El Perro” means the dog, I was born in 1994 the Chinese year of the dog, I don’t know if y’all knew that. Now 2018 is the year of the dog & this is “El Perro.” Cheers!” Rucci says to the crowded room. Continuing with the “Dawgy Style” cover theme, but this time with a bit of a twist. It’s Rucci in cartoon form; Hennessey bottles, money, women, & of course Sean Mackk, it easily represents the artist that plans on bringing Inglewood back.

The mixtape contains 12 tracks with features from AzChike, Kingrikox, Wardy, & BassSquad’s own BossMann, & BassSquadBlackk. The release of his two singles “El Perro” & “Like Woah” has currently received over 47.5k plays on SoundCloud alone & have been available via Apple Music. With a handful of known producers on the project such as JTP, Louie Ji, Meez, MikeAlmighty, HoodBeatz, Romo, & Drumdummie, it’s sure to contain an all-around LA feel with entertaining sound.

The opening track titled “Tom Cruise” is a play on words as he states within the track, “Just bought a tommy gun so I got ‘tom’ when I’m cruisin’.” Setting the tone for the mixtape from the get-go, Rucci delivers clever word-play with great energy.

Whether it be online or in person, someone is always representing Rucci to the fullest. It’s more than a team effort, more like a family-type of love that Bass Squad has for each other that is easily seen from any perspective.

“I make sure everyone around me is good. Everybody treats my dream like it’s their dream… I really got good people who are behind me,” Rucci says with a smile when asked about his Bass Squad team.

“This next track is called “My Way,” it’s Holidays favorite so you know it’s a banger,” Rucci says looking towards Holiday as he nods his head in agreement.

The track starts off slow with a unique piano that fades perfectly, “They call me RuccDawg, baby,” he begins with his confident tone that he carries cause he knows ‘aye, you can’t do it like this.’


As tracks played Rucci soaked up every moment listening back as if he too was listening to the mixtape for the first time. As he sat in front of the board, his team rapped along to every word like clockwork not missing a beat. Getting further into the mixtape the energy of the room began to build, moving to the beat Rucci joined his team in rapping, a proud smile on his face & all.

“Get Like Rucci” goes hard with a true LA type feel that may have listeners energized, hopefully, the song doesn’t get others into the trouble. With the confidence that can be felt on this particular track, he noted that it’s truly how he feels.

“I think everybody got their own swag, but nobody is original. You can’t copy Rucci, you can’t do what Rucci do, ” he says pausing a bit as a Sean Mackk song is played. “When I step in the booth, Sean Mackk is the only thing I hear like, ‘Bro Rucci, do this, do this.’ This mother f*cker got me like, ‘This shit ain’t weak. This shit ain’t ever gonna be weak.’ That’s just how I been feeling since I dropped “Go Rucci,” I feel like I haven’t missed.”

When going through “El Perro” one may think he hasn’t missed. Touching on real-life situations allowing listeners to take a walk in his shoes; whether it be dramatic or a good time Rucci takes fans for a West Coast ride. With tracks for the ladies such as “Wishing On A Star” where he speaks of having his guard up when it comes to love, to his closing track “Bodak Rucci” where he takes the time to become as personal as ever before. He uses his lyrical abilities as a storyteller to portray emotion through his beat selection & vocal range of energy. Proof through his music of being able to take the good with the bad, while still enjoying the moments he’s been blessed with.

Rucci is an all-around unique voice for LA, let alone Inglewood. With his stand-out voice that is recognizable no matter where it’s heard in the LAnd, “El Perro” is as West Coast as it gets while easily being himself. A remarkable sound that sticks to the roots of his musical influences, from top to bottom the mixtape is layered with passion & a well-rounded sound. Check out “El Perro” below, also available via Apple Music.



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