Enimal – “Comma Club: Bottle Muzik” Album Release + Celebration

Enimal – “Comma Club: Bottle Muzik” Album Release + Celebration

Enimal is a man of many talents that he wears proudly in the most humble way. Stopping by Rosecrans Radio about a year ago, he spoke on the work he’s done via production & engineering, touching on songs he’s added his voice to over the years, & expanding his horizons with commercials & TV. After putting in lots of hard work on April 26th, he released his album “Comma Club: Bottle Muzik” & Rosecrans had the opportunity to partake in the celebration of its release.


track list
The 10 track album was mixed & mastered by the man himself, because who else would he trust that has acquired his type of skills? Fitting well with the album name, the track list is written on the back of a bottle with two credited as producers, DJ Wes for “Callin'” & Meez on “Change.” The other 8 tracks were produced by Enimal himself, with features from StoneyThaDealer, Cozz, & YMTK.

The album opens up with track “M.T.M.” (Make That Money) that slowly builds hype as the song begins, preparing listeners for the heat that Enimal delivers within his witty lines & vibe. “Keep my grass cut perfect just so I can see the serpents… ” he raps speaking on the topic of making money, but not allowing the money to make you.

Continuing with a chill vibe Enimal brings us “Something Real,” a track that to everyone’s surpirse, already has a music video. Using the opportunity to show love to his supporters the video was premiered for all attendees of his release party. Crowds of people waited their turn to enter the theatre room & watch the video. Without giving too much detail on the visual, Enimal goes into the song with high energy speaking on how he’s one of the realist ones out there.


“Committed” brings a whole different vibe to listeners as the beat begins giving off a club-like feel that one won’t be able to resist moving to. It may sound familiar to most who are fans of HBO’s “Insecure” but whether you’ve heard it before or not, the track bumps as he spits clever bars with high confidence making one want to say, “Show me you committed, hoe.”

Fans are truly committed to Enimal & all his success as the venue was packed full of wonderful people & great energy. Upon entering, guests were greeted with a dessert table, open bar, photo booths, & a red carpet. Guests were enjoying the vibes that the DJ provided as Enimal made his way graciously through the crowd saying hello to all faces, both new & familiar. Taking the time to speak with & thank all who were in attendance.


Energy on high as everyone mingled with one another, Enimal took to the mic to thank everyone for coming through. Letting everyone know to enjoy themselves to the fullest with all that was being provided.

“Keep mingling & all that stuff, keep snappin’. I got a Snapchat filter too, I’m poppin’! I’m poppin’! So yeah, let’s just get into it, man.” he says over the mic with joy as the DJ begins to play the album.

The first track plays as everyone vibes out with Enimal front & center. Phones & cameras in hand, everyone’s social media was sure to be filled with epic content by the end of the night. He rapped & moved to each track as if he too was hearing it with the crowd for the first time. Keeping the energy at an all-time high, his smile never leaving his face. He was truly filled with joy & a huge sense of accomplishment throughout the night that radiated from him fully.


Coming back to the album as one goes through the rest of the tracks, it contains an array of sound & topics. From track “Brag” with a slow tempo, giving the listener a West Coast-like feel, to track “Yellow Light” that was made for the ladies to enjoy. Then jumping down a few tracks as it all comes to a close with “Change,” where Enimal showcases his singing abilities for those who may have forgotten. Overall the album is an enjoyable listen with many layers that Enimal used to his advantage through his talents to tell particular parts of his life.

As the night came to an end, Enimal took to the mic again to thank everyone for coming out along with his teams who so effortlessly put the event together.
“If you want something done right you gotta hire women to do it. I wanna thank all my teams that put this together, allowing me to enjoy myself with no worries. Thanks to them I got to mingle so freely & everything went so smooth! Thank you to everyone for coming out. You’re appreciated, go stream & buy “Comma Club: Bottle Muzik” for me.”

There was more than just an album release to celebrate though. Just as everyone was about to clear out, a few burst into song as a cake was brought to Enimal & the rest of the crowd joined in on singing to him for his birthday.


Rosecrans would like to thank Enimal & his team for allowing us to be a part of this special moment, & wish him nothing but more success. As more content is released from Enimal, you’ll be sure to see here on the Avenue. Stream the album via Spotify below, or head to Enimalwins.com to stream it on your favorite service.

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