KB Devaughn – “4 Me, Not You” Album

KB Devaughn – “4 Me, Not You” Album

KB Devaughn has released his album titled “4 Me, Not You” executive produced by Dezzie Gee, the album contains 10 tracks with features spread throughout from Boogie, Dana Williams, Osbe Chill, Desi Mo, D’anna Stewart, Neen, Forest, & Buddy. With many names within the project, each adds the perfect touch allowing KB to shine through with the picture he paints as the songs play.

With several producers on the project such as Dezzie Gee, Keyel, Darttny Ellis, ANTDAWG, & Matt Noble, the album carries the same sound throughout while covering a multitude of topics. KB speaks of life experience & emotions of loss, love, pain, & all it comes with; leaving his emotions to be felt through the music as one listens.

The album is an easy listen that gives off a chill vibe, a wholesome project all around with no skippable tracks & a little something for everyone. Tune in to the project below & be sure to check into the Avenue for the latest on KB Devaughn.

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