Drakeo the Ruler x The Stinc Team – “Not Guilty” EP

Drakeo the Ruler x The Stinc Team – “Not Guilty” EP

Drakeo the Ruler & members of The Stinc Team are currently being accused of serious legal charges. Although Drakeo seems to be in high spirits & stands by his innocence via an interview with Passion Weiss, LA’s finest are being targeted. One would think with all that surrounds them making music would be the last thing on their mind, but The Stinc Team has delivered an EP titled “Not Guilty” with 5 tracks featuring Drakeo himself along with Ralfy the Plug, Sayso the Mac, & Young Bull.
Opening with “Murder was the Case” Drakeo delivers his verses over the phone on a YFK98 beat. Speaking of those who continue to point fingers at him, he also speaks on how fans are still withholding confidence in his success.
The EP continues with production from Al B Smoov, Navin, Low the Great, & Duse allowing each Stinc Team member to showcase their talents from their energy to clever bars. Truly a reminder (not that fans have forgotten) of the fire music we’re missing out on while these talents are being treated unfairly.
If music fans can, please take on the small task for LA music to purchase the EP via iTunes here as all proceeds will go towards legal fees.

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