Mani Coolin’ – “Round My Way” Prod. by Josh Gray Shot by REAL MOVIE

Mani Coolin’ – “Round My Way” Prod. by Josh Gray Shot by REAL MOVIE

The second track to be brought to life from Mani Coolin’s upcoming project “Here4MeOnly” is “Round My Way.” Shot by LA’s own Mr. REAL MOVIE the tone is unique from most music videos fans may be used to. Set within an everyday neighborhood, the Josh Gray production sets a chill tone that contains an easy listenable melody that fits perfectly with the context of the song.
Although Coolin’s delivery is a bit toned down than usual, he doesn’t lack at all lyrically. He successfully paints a picture of being aware of the individuals that aren’t from ’round his way.’ From the way they speak, act, & move, they each contain a tail that he’s able to pick up.
From ice cream trucks that are able to bring out the neighborhood kids to smoking on the front porch with the homies, this is normal for Coolin’ & the ones that surround him. An old-school feel combined with a dope story, watch the visual below.

Irene Guerrero

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