Craigy F Drops “Super Villain Craigy F” Album

Craigy F Drops “Super Villain Craigy F” Album

Rosecrans Ave has had Craigy F on the radar since 2015, & it’s been an amazing journey to watch his success grow over the years. The Connecticut artist has made an imprint on the West Coast always making sure to show love via shows or interviews while he visits. Today he stops by the Avenue as we go through his latest release “Super Villian Craigy F.”

He’s done well to build organic anticipation for fans via social media, dropping hints but not giving away too much of what was to come. Continuing to drop singles here & there, fans were grateful for what they received & then some. When the title was revealed questions may have arose as to why he chose “Super Villain Craigy F.” When asked why his response was,

“I wanted the album to be a representation of me and what’s been my mindset over the past year, and I just think it’s cool name. [laughs] I felt like we made our own comic book about a villain but praised him like he was our hero. So yeah, the title very simple but gets you straight to the point.”

A musical super villain in his own right as he takes the listener through 11 tracks containing stories & emotions that come with experiencing this thing we all call life. Setting the tone from the beginning with track “Forreal,” mixed to perfection as his voice creates a memorable melody along the beat. Speaking on what his life truly entails, he’s not about the facade of ‘all talk no action.’ His growing success proves that this lifestyle is what he’s about, for real.

Track “Flavors” carries a rhythmic beat that one won’t be able to resist moving to. With a spacey feel combined with a dope bass, Craigy did the most in the best way for this track as it sticks out the most from the whole album. We couldn’t help but ask where the inspiration for this particular track came from.

“Flavors [was] a dope record to rage out & have fun too, it’s a real song that comes from a real place. Last summer I was really on couches at clubs with beautiful women around me from all different backgrounds & races just ‘living my best life’ as the new kids would say. [laughs] But that’s what I mean when I’m talking ‘I got flavas.'”

Jumping to the tracks with features from Dash Flash & Wave Matthews, both artists add a different type of energy within their verses allowing it to sound effortless from the first listen. When asked about working with his comrades Craigy stated,

“I don’t really work with too much people, as the day-ones know Wave Matthews is on every project of mine. Then Dash Flash [has] been a friend of mine since our freshmen year in college. So I always made music with them & the songs I had with them both fit the story I was tryna tell on this album, so it just worked.”

As individuals continue to listen, one may notice a sort of theme or story that brings the album together. From working towards success & achieving it, to all the love that’s shown from being in the spotlight; Craigy is well aware of the impact an album can carry & did his duty to share his compelling journey to take listeners along for the ride.

“All my albums have a story, I feel all albums should be listened to from start to finish. [I] don’t believe in putting it on shuffle & just vibing out. I want the listeners to be on that same journey as what I was on making the music. I want people to relate in the most ways ever.”

As the album nears it’s end, listeners are given a different perspective of Craigy that’s rich with heartfelt emotion. The tone slows down with his usual R&B feel as he speaks on relatable situations that one may encounter with their significant other. Tracks “Playlist” & “Sidechick” in particular seem to come from a personal chapter in his life. When asked if these tracks were written from experience he stated,

“Yeah, ‘Playlist’ & ‘Sidechick’ are real songs but real in a way [I feel] a lot of real niggas go through,  but some people are scared to put on record. A lot of guys who aren’t perfect and women who deal with these types of situations can relate because this a every day life thing. I am inspired by my life and the people around me. I’m gonna to tell my story and I’m gonna tell my homie story and put it together and make it a fire story for a song.”

As we’re taken back to a classic single of Craigy’s titled ‘Stories,’ the album comes to a close. Overall, “Super Villain Craigy F” carries an intoxicating melody that’s easily listenable. From the different vibes that he is able to convey through his lyrics, to the sensitive subjects he covers with fluid beats; Craigy’s project is blissfully poetic & inviting. Be sure to stream the project below & check into the Avenue for the latest news on Craigy F.


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