AzChike – “My World” Album

AzChike – “My World” Album

The highly anticipated album “My World” by AzChike has arrived a day early & fans are ecstatic. Containing 12 tracks with one being single “The Shit” that has already racked up 19.7k plays on Soundcloud, only proves that the project as a whole is sure to do well.
From beginning to end it bumps with solid production which is expected from the array of great producers credited. From Deuce Smoov, SProd, Lil Rece, Daygo Raw, Low The Great, LD Tha Monsta, Too Raw, Lil Laudiano, & VP on the bonus track, it’s a great lineup with one feature from Almighty Suspect. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, just wait. We haven’t even begun to speak on the music yet.
Chike has done well to earn a reputation for releasing slaps as well as dope lyrics, & with “My World” he continues to live up to that delivering as expected. As he said in his interview with Rosecrans Radio, “By the time summer comes the project will be in well rotation [and] you’ll know the words. So when it’s time to turn up you know what the f*ck to turn on.” After listening to the project fully, he’s absolutely right.
Doing well to represent the West Coast through his beat choice, his lyricism is exhilarating to listen to. Giving one the feeling of confidence that he carries effortlessly through his tone of voice. “A beast out the cage,” you too won’t be feeling like yourself when tuning in. Chike is ‘just riding’ as he speaks his truth through a multitude of topics; from women, proving himself, & living day by day it’s a solid project without a skippable track. Be sure to listen for yourself below & stay tuned for what else the summer will hold for AzChike & The AzCult.

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