Sahtyre – “Numb” Feat. Trizz Prod. by Sxlxmxn

Sahtyre – “Numb” Feat. Trizz Prod. by Sxlxmxn

Numb might be an understatement for how most feel, but Sahtyre speaks openly on the subject & how he deals through his latest track featuring Trizz. “Numb” produced by Sxlsmsn contains a moody beat as Sahtyre says, ‘either break bread, play dead, or play dumb.’ With Trizz coming towards the end letting listeners know he isn’t hiding from anything, while manifesting all his desires. Listen to the track below & be sure to check out “The Gorgeous Darkness” EP set to be released on March 30th.

Irene Guerrero

Twitter/Insta: @GigglesIrene "Makin' my wishes come true with no genie, man."

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