Earthgang – “Royalty” EP

Earthgang – “Royalty” EP

The last installment of Earthgang’s EP trilogy “Royalty” has arrived with 5 epic tracks (not including skits), featuring the voices of Ari Lennox & Mereba. Opening with a trumpet on “Cocktail” to the old school feel on “LOLSMH,” it makes for a blissful vibe from start to finish. Fans know when it comes to the duo great lyricism is expected, & great wordplay along with storytelling is easily conveyed throughout.
This epic 3 piece installment has made for an incredible album buildup, & I can’t help but wonder if it’ll start with the letter ‘R.’ Be sure to catch up on the trilogy that’s made up of “Rags,” “Robots,” & Royalty below.

Irene Guerrero

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