Cozz Debut Album “Effected”

Cozz Debut Album “Effected”

It’s been a few years since fans have heard a full project from South Central’s Cozz of Dreamville Records. The rapper had a quiet 2017, but seemed to simply be preparing for the storm that he himself would cause (no pun intended). The success of “Cozz & Effect” & “Nothing Personal” brought him to new heights as an upcoming artitst. From getting signed to traveling the world with his new label mates, each experience lead up to milestones that have helped shaped Cozz into the artist he would become. With the release of his debut album titled “Effected,” Cozz continues to carry his West Coast stature & lyricism further into his growing career.

The album roll out for “Effected” began with the single “Questions,” along with a video to follow soon after. The role reversal within the video caught the eye of many, along with lyrics that weren’t out of the ordinary for him; more like a breathe of fresh air for fans craving more substance. Within the track he lett listeners know that he’s aware of the state hip-hop is in, & is doing his best to change that.

With singles such as “Badu,” “Ignorant Confidence,” & “Bout It” dropping, it gave fans a small insight to the various tones the album will carry. Snippets of soulfulness, a bit of hype, & realness were to be expected. The only question left to ask was, “When is it dropping?”
Tracklist & release date were announced via Instagram for February 13th. Fans were buzzing with excitement over the features from J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar, all there was left to do was wait.

The day has come & “Effected” has arrived for all to hear. After having some time with it, the album is widespread from sound to topics. Containing a West Coast sound with bits of poignant jazz provided by the producers of Cozz’s Dreamville & Mittee Gang camps among others, to carrying storytelling lyricism that flows smoothly throughout.

Cozz takes the listener through the obstacles that life throws at most. Taking from his own life experiences, the album contains a story. From the envious that come around, the circumstances one may grow up in, to the inner tug-of-war of love & work. He seems to effortlessly carry a unique melody with his vocals from rapping to even singing. Unifying each track fluidly, all the while making it relatable. Be sure to listen for yourself below & be on the look out for what Cozz has in store for fans next.

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