Hi-Tone “Lifestyle” Music Video

Hi-Tone “Lifestyle” Music Video

Off his latest “Price of Admission” Hi-Tone delivers a powerful visual for the track “Lifestyle.” Directed by Cam Fairfax, the visual opens up with Tone starring at the back of an individual in a black hoodie who stands holding onto the fence of an LA bridge. The track then begins, “I got big dreams, big dreams, I always knew I’d make it to the big screen..” Cutting to scenes of famous celebrities & artists we’ve lost throughout the years such as Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, & Lil’ Peep to name a few. The visual continues as Tone raps on about the difficulties of growing up speaking to the one that holds on in the black hoodie. Watch the visual below & be moved by how it ends.

Irene Guerrero

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