G Perico – “If I Ruled the World” G-Style

G Perico – “If I Ruled the World” G-Style

G Perico takes it back to freestyle (or should I say g-style) over Nas’s classic “If I Ruled the World” and truly killed it. From speaking on the fake gangsta’s in the hood, to how his enemies without guns would be a duck hunt. Keeping it real with his style & flow, it’s sure to be on repeat for true fans. It only adds to the hype for his upcoming To Tha Left Tour that’s hitting most major cities. Be sure to check out the track below & get your 2 Tha Left tour tickets!

02/23/2018 Roxy: http://www.sowayout.store/tour/2018/2/23/the-roxy
02/18/2018 The Observatory: http://www.sowayout.store/tour/2018/2/18/constellation-room

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