03 Greedo – “No Good” Freestyle

03 Greedo – “No Good” Freestyle

03 Greedo recently released a 10 minute video titled “No Good Freestyle” directed by Purple Skyline Films. Although it would be dope to hear him go bar after bar for 10 minutes straight, that’s not all the video contains. The freestyle begins with Greedo being surrounded by his homies, hype at the realness that he speaks on.
About 6 minutes in he gives the viewers an insight into what his life was like growing up on the streets of Watts. From the many emotions he went through growing up, to how much he appreciates making it out. Even taking the time to give a few words of inspiration, “This to my little homies man, just get to it. Don’t worry about what they saying…”
He then is followed by the camera man to Edog’s Mother’s house. Wondering to himself if it might be too late to stop by, he takes a chance & goes on over anyway. When she answers the door he lets her know that he got signed & has a gift for her, thanking her for putting a roof over his head when it was needed. Then the video comes to an end with “To Be Continued..” written on the screen.
It’s amazing to see artists make it out & not only to give back as Greedo did to the woman that helped him, but to inspire. Sometimes all anybody needs is a spark of hope. Watch for yourself below!

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