Listening Party for Rucci’s “Dawgystyle”

Listening Party for Rucci’s “Dawgystyle”

I had the opportunity to attend Rucci’s “Dawgystyle” listening party tonight and it was quite the experience. The energy upon arriving was nerve wracking, but that was mostly because I was attending the event alone. I was greeted by a member of Rucci’s team, Holiday who was amazing from the start, not only to me but to all guests that arrived throughout the night. Always passing by asking if everyone was good, never hesitating to assist anyone.


Rucci made his way through the crowd and mingled with fans, introducing himself to every single person in attendance personally. It was a site to see the reactions of some young ladies faces; some new him and greeted him as long time friends. Others were shy & could barley hold eye contact.


Drinks were being served at the bar as guests talked among themselves. Most knowing each other, while others took the time to get acquainted bonding over their mutual love of Rucci’s music.


As more people arrived the vibe began to change, everyone was anticipating when it would really begin. Rucci was able to quiet down the crowd before he began & when each track played, introduced it with the name &  who was featured on it. During each track his team stood tall around him, smiling with pride enjoying the project together. Although it was a listening party, one can say there were mini performances. Rucci & some of his crew moved to the beat & rapped along to their favorite tracks. They all seemed truly at home & happy in front of the crowd.


At one point Rucci asked everyone for a favor, “Can y’all do me a favor? Take your phones..”
I was sure that he was going to ask everyone to post via social media that they were indeed there, but I should’ve known better.
“On the count of three, I want everyone to yell ‘Sean Mackk forever!’ One, two, three…”

It was a dope night for Rucci to be surrounded by his amazing team & supporters. Before heading out I thanked Rucci & Holiday for their hospitality & for putting together a great event. Wishing nothing but the best for Rucci and his team for 2018, and we hope to see them again soon, possibly for another Rosecrans Radio interview..? You’ll have to tune in & stay updated! If you haven’t already, listen to Rucci’s “Dawgystyle” here, along with our Rosecrans Radio interview here.

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