AzSwaye – “SWAYEMADDEN” Album

AzSwaye – “SWAYEMADDEN” Album

“SWAYEMADDEN” has arrived with 14 fire tracks as we’re near the end 2017, but without a doubt it’s sure to be kept in rotation as we enter the new year. With features from AzChike and Ketchy the Great along with production from RONRON, Mike Free, and RobTwo to name a few; as Swaye would say, “The real is back.”
The project begins with a track titled “SWAYEPAC” setting the tone with a dope beat and hard lyrics. Painting a picture for the listener of homies that have been lost, to those who are envious that tend to watch him closely; ‘all eyes are on him and he’s feeling like swayepac.’
The project continues with talk of what seems to make the world go round; money. “Jackz & Frankz” to be more specific produced by HNNBL, Swaye has clever lines such as ‘I be pitchin’ plays, I can show you how to touchdown.’ Which was done nicely, as it fits the theme of the album name and cover art perfectly.
As the project reaches its end, it slows down a bit but continues to be just as real. Speaking a bit on love, the struggle of coming up, being alone, and continuing to push towards success. Be sure to listen to “SWAYEMADDEN” below.

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