King of Hip-Hop Kendrick Lamar is Variety’s 2017 ‘Hitmaker Of The Year’

King of Hip-Hop Kendrick Lamar is Variety’s 2017 ‘Hitmaker Of The Year’

Did you see that Kendrick continues to have an impact in hip-hop, proving his latest title of ‘Hitmaker’ which is so accurate and true.

I’m happy to say that recently he’s making Forbes’ cover for its ’30 Under 30’ issue, the Compton native is crowned Variety magazine’s 2017 ‘Hitmaker Of The Year.’ Which I believe he deserves that because he isn’t just your typical artist he is an artist that does this for the culture, for the youth,  for the his city and after everything he is a humble man.

He was honored at the inaugural Variety Hitmakers event, Kendrick Lamar received the first-ever Hitmaker of the Year award and sat down for a detailed interview, where he discussed what the award means to him, his struggle early on in his career, and even mentioned his liking for Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and Get Out being his favorite movie of the year.


One of my favorite things Lamar says:

“I think the more people talk about it, the more it becomes fascinating, and you can have a debate about it…”

“As long as I keep knowing how much to give, giving just enough, and being able to pull back and leave the audience to interpret it…”

Check the full cover story here and watch a behind-the-scenes look below:

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