Chance the Rapper Tour – First SOLD OUT Night at Hollywood Bowl

Chance the Rapper Tour – First SOLD OUT Night at Hollywood Bowl

Chance the Rapper had his first sold out show last night (October 3rd, 2017) at the famous Hollywood Bowl. Traffic was heavy as one made their way to the venue because well, the 101 freeway is just that fantastic. Time seemed to pass slowly as we were all at a stand still, but as 8 o’clock rolled around the worrying began. I hoped that his openers would take their sweet time getting on and off stage. Others were willing to make some drastic decisions as die hard fans began to run along the freeway shoulder to the venue. (It’s not as dangerous as it sounds. We were at a dead stop for about 30-45 minutes.)


Music could be heard while walking up to the venue and fans who were also running late couldn’t figure out who it was on stage. Security was nice enough to let us know that it wasn’t Chance, assuring us that we still had plenty of time to find our seats. That didn’t matter to most though, as they tried to rush through security and even by pass having their ticket scanned.

The venue was filled with people of all ages, it was a rainbow of “Chance 3” hats rushing to their seats. Children who looked as young as 6 were in attendance with their newly purchased concert hoodies, and 3 hats.

Francis and the Lights had already finished performing by the time I found my seat, and DJ Oreo was on stage having a good time with the crowd making us laugh, reminisce, and dance. He’s what I’d like to call “family friendly” as he mixed old school with new school. The crowd laughed as he mixed tracks from Miley Cryus, Kanye West, and anything else you can think of in between.

As his set came to an end, the lights went down and The Social Experiment walked on stage. The crowd was murmuring with anticipation watching the stage for a sign of the Chi-Town rapper. Then the instrumental for “Mixtape” began to play, the crowd began to sing along; Chance arrived on stage riding a scooter and when the beat dropped flames rose and the show began.

Like most artists that have a signature ad lib or dance move, Chance has many. I wish I was better at being able to put them into words, but the crowd “huh-huh-ed” with him as he performed through each track. He paid tribute to Kanye West by performing snippets of “Waves” and “Father Stretch My Hands.” He took the time to introduce his band as a segue to a project fans know “Surf.”


“Which track off “Surf” was the only one to get a music video?” he said to the crowd as fans in the pit (and around me) yelled “Sunday Candy!”

“No, you’re wrong… I’m kidding you’re right!” He said with a laugh as the instrumental began to play, visual candy swirling around the stage of the bowl.

Throughout the show Chance gave praise for his many blessings, and that thankful energy illuminated the whole arena. The vibe that was set from the beginning was to be grateful for where we were and for coming together through music. He took a moment to say that he’s been working on new music and performed a new song. You can watch it here.

The vibe took an upbeat turn as Chance began to perform his radio hits such as “Problem” and his verse from “I’m the One.” Slowly making his way through his hit tracks from ‘Coloring Book’ like “All Night” and “Same Drugs.”

Chance closed out the show with his single “Blessings” having the crowd clap along with him as we chanted together, “Are you ready, for your blessing? Are you ready for your miracle..” Having confetti sprayed into the crowd that had their hands up because, “When the praises go up, the blessings come down…”

Chance the Rapper is an amazing performer that has a blast on stage. He’s truly apologetically himself and he embraces that to the fullest. I hope that every Chance the Rapper fan has the opportunity to experience him live, even if one thinks they aren’t a “big enough fan,” don’t let an event like this pass you by.

DSC04102Chance will be having his second sold out show at The Hollywood Bowl tonight (October 4th, 2017) and it’s sure to be just as great.

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