Lute – “Morning Shift” Music Video

Lute – “Morning Shift” Music Video

The gift that keeps on giving! With his album “West 1996 Pt. 2” Lute has also delivered a visual for “Morning Shift.” Directed by himself and Alexander of Grandiloquent Devise film company, this video leaves the viewer in their feelings.

Lute plays an inmate that receives a letter containing a Polaroid photo, his emotions take over as he stares at it a moment and seems to be hit with an idea. The scene cuts to him running through fields & dirt roads, unknowingly following balloons that are guiding him. The balloons lead him to his destination as he enjoys the moment, but heartache strikes as he’s taken back to reality. Watch the video below and be sure to purchase “West 1996 Pt. 2” album available now.

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