Lute Releases Documentary & Announces Debut Album

Lute Releases Documentary & Announces Debut Album

Dreamville artist Lute has been silent these past few weeks after releasing his single “Juggin’” (Which you can stream here). With a new single out anticipation for a new album was building, and today fans were gifted with a release date and a documentary.

The 11 minute “Still Slummin'” documentary was directed by Tim Grant and opens up with artist Lute sitting on the floor. His daughter giggling in his arms as speaks on the surreal moment of having her, and the realizations that came with that life changing moment. Lute then takes the viewer on a journey of how he began to rap; from a box full of verses, to his artist name changes growing up.

He speaks on the internal conflict of becoming the ‘average-Joe’ (or ‘Bob’ I should say), as he struggled to decipher whether or not to continue with his music. Then one phone call changed his life. Although short, the film gives viewers an insight to Lute’s progression as an artist and human being. You can view it below.

His debut album West1996 Part 2 is set to be released on September 29th.


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