Free Ackrite “Out on Bail” Album Stream

Free Ackrite “Out on Bail” Album Stream

Free Ackrite has been working on “Out on Bail” for a while now. If you’re a fan like me, you’ve been watching his Twitter in anticipation for a release date. Although the wait has been long, it was truly worth it.

“Out on Bail” is great from start to finish. From lyrics, beats, and production; all 12 tracks bang like they do in North Inglewood. The listener is shown bits and pieces of the things he’s been through in life. Through short story telling, and first person perspective, he tells of the experiences that have made Ackrite who he is.

Be sure to check out “Out on Bail” available via Spotify and iTunes now.

If you wanna get some more insight about Ackrite, you can listen to Rosecrans Radio Episode 013 that features a short interview conducted by Cypress Moreno that speaks on the project here.

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