Rob Two “Friends” Prod. KJ Santana of 808 Mafia

Rob Two “Friends” Prod. KJ Santana of 808 Mafia

Rob Two is back with some fuckin heat produced by KJ Santana of 808 Mafia! This new record is titled “Friends“, whom coincidentally is who you need to play this in front of. Put them on to something new and dope for once. Don’t be that friend that gets handed the aux and plays some obvious Big Sean record or Katy Perry’s latest forced hip-hop collaboration that is already played on the radio non-stop. PLAY SOME FUCKIN ROB TWO FOR YOUR FRIENDS, IF YOU’RE REALLY THEIR FRIEND. Oh and come out to see him this Sunday May 21st at Los Globos as we just added him to our already stacked lineup! Purchase tickets here!

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